The Great & Grand OC Compendium

most of my OCs are actually my TTRPG PCs! so they'll be organised by campaign & universe. each with their own individual page & as much information as I can remember about them!! alongside whatever fiction I've written for them, and (ideally, hopefully) context for when said fiction takes place

my GM is my darling girlfriend Muddy, who has such incredible & wonderful worldbuilding and I hope I can do it justice. (and of course, I helped in this creation too!! it's a collabrative effort, after all

click on the oc name to open the dropdown text & use the ◥ symbols to go to specific pages!

some things, like species, can also have links to pages that detail them!

Sunflower ▾ Midsummer ▾ Solstice ▾ Sweet Oblivion

A wide-spanning galaxy full of strange and wondrous things, almost... Carved, in some strange way. If you're a part of this universe, there's always trouble afoot and cash to make. Whether it's be helpin' folks or hinderin', who's to say?

Codix Yeet ▴ They/Them ▴ Feesh ▴ The Firebrand Monarch

Once, they were a dashing, terrifying space captain to a loyal and fearsome crew. Now, while they're still dashing and terrifying, they're in a dual monarchy with their twin, Zayvr. Presiding over their portion of their oceanic home planet, as the twin Kirai of the nation of Camacarusz.

Codix Yeet was my player character of the original Sunflower campaign, and was an heir to the Camacarusz throne. They'd run away from home, gotten themself arrested and imprisoned, and managed to break out & steal a ship. Starting the beginning of their adventures as captain of the Krackenhart.

Dr. Guided-By-Sorrow-Through-Ashen-Earth / Follows-Ruined-Footsteps ▴ She/Her ▴ Chireem ▴ The Frontier Doctor

Call her Sorrow or Follows, neither matter much to her now. Entirely focused on her goals of protecting and helping the sick and the injured, in an empire that no longer cares for them. She has returned home, or as home as one can in a shattered empire now overrun by warlords, to help a resistance cell get their shit together and run properly functional medical clinics. Not many doctorates to go around, after all...

Sorrow, (or Sorrows, as we keep calling her) was my PC for Midsummer. Which was once a station with a strange secret, and an interesting crew. Now however, Sorrow is one of a few doctors still treating the civilian population on one of Dark-Skies' factory planets. As otherwise, they would not recieve medical care at all, as it's now reserved for serving military. Sorrow is a bit of a hard-ass, but her heart's in a good place. Just don't ask her to improve her bedside manner.

Kliquey of the Deep Reef ▴ They/Them ▴ Feesh ▴ The Mallakai Exile

An exile from their home and the only family they've ever known, an extremely regimented sect of highly trained psychic warriors. With no skills but those that brought harm and death, they turned to mercenery work to make ends meet. They found themself work on the Solstice with her crew, and finally found people who care about them with no strings attached. Now, they work towards the goal of bringing their warrior-siblings to the honour and morality that they were taught as a child. The honour and morality that the Mallakai no longer seem to hold.

Kliquey is my main Solstice PC, and a character I love quite dearly. They're determined to bring their once-honourable sect to some kind of 'justice'. Whether that is to reform it, or burn it to the ground altogether, is still up in the air. Whatever they do, nothing is going to stop them. Whether that being their once-fellow Mallakai, or the psychic ghosts of the sect's ancestors. (But, they will try so desperately to minimise the harm caused in such a task. It is easy to be cruel, but to be kind... That could risk you your life. This, Kliquey believes is worth their life.)

Ekrid Zenin ▴ They/Them ▴ Wyvern ▴ Mad Mechanist

A lover of the mechanical from a very younge age, Ekrid has found themself in many a strange and fascinating situations by simply following their passions. From their home planet to the stars, across the stars, through corporate environments (and one particularly decisive court case), and finally to a small ship named the Solstice. Which has no engineer, no-one who knows any proper mechanics, and have instated themself as the defacto leader of anything and everything to do with the ship's functions. They have little to no empathy for organics, as all their care and heart is for their robotic friends and creations.

Ekrid is a favourite of mine, they're always so energetic and talking a mile a minute about something that really doesn't need that many words to describe. They are of course, part of the Solstice campaign. Made for funsies and also to replace Kliquey while they're off dealing with the Mallakai in the depths of space. They care greatly for all synthetic life, and are determined to reach out and help as many as they can. Including putting their own life at risk to communicate, they don't want to hurt any more robots than they have to.

K.R ▴ It/Its ▴ Kinetic.Robot-9741 ▴ Technological Marvel

A strange robot with seemingly mystical powers, though it claims it's all just extremely advanced technology that normies don't understand. There's no way to prove it either way, but it does make for interesting conversation. It fancies itself some sort of hero, a protector of the people, a summoned warrior for the benefit of all. Perhaps it is- With all its summoned technology, and determination for helping others. It does fit the bill of a dashing space hero, right off one of the galactic romance novels that fly off the shelves.

K.R is a funny robot that might be magic or might be science. It's a defender of the weak and a lover of soft things. It'll probably be used as a PC in Solstice, eventually. Till then, I doubt I'll do much with them. I think they're neat, though.

Minos ▴ They/Them ▴ Starbeast ▴ The Star-Warrior

A strange psychic beast, with the instincts of a warrior and the body of a MILF. Minos doesn't know who they are, or where they've come from. All they know is that who they once were, was someone they hate with passion. A coward, they'd call their lost self, a self-obsessed stranger. Someone who's fucked up their life, and now they're left picking up the pieces. It doesn't help that they don't know where these pieces are, or what is even broken. It's all... Oblivion.

Minos is a great big sweetheart, desperately trying to make sure everything's okay for everyone in the Sweet Oblivion crew. Their psychic abilities lend greatly to their defense of the crew but unfortunately they're not exactly the smartest in how to use said power. Minos was tailor made for me by Muddy (along with the rest of the crew) for a special campaign where nobody knows anything about our own PCs, and have to discover things along the way. (And the problems they'd left behind.)

Ender-Of-Battles ▴ They/Them ▴ Chireem ▴ Overprotective Guard Dog

Once, an up-and-coming Chireem recruit. The last survivor of their squad, defended their nest 'til their enemies' last breath. Now, the psychic ghostly imprint in the brain of a human teenager. Not the most ideal but they'll take it over being truly dead. They never had much loyalty to the Empire, anyhow. (They're smart enough to know that life is behind them now.) The most important thing is their survival.

Ender isn't a PC, funnily enough! They're from a very specific universe that isn't quite Sunflower but it's close enough that I'm categorising them under it. They're a very focused person, their one goal of 'survival' being the driving force behind near all their actions. (Which may not be exactly true, but it's what they'd say.) It's certainly not the reason why they're stuck in a teenager's brain. No, the particular reason that occured is thanks to the tiny ounce of compassion Ender managed to have for a creature that wasn't Chireem. (Something that the Empire tries so very hard to stamp out.)

L30 ▴ She/Her ▴ Chronos Transorbital Android ▴ The Station's Captain

A station captain in charge of a loyal crew, keeping the station organised and ship-shape for all who pass through.

She's intended for the Midsummer reboot, haven't done much with her yet. Other than she used to be intended as a maid, and has since broken away from her original created perpose. She's a captain goddamnit! people better respect her like one. but unfortunately, Chronos Transorbital androids have a reputation of subservience that L30 has had to shake off over decades.

The Weathervane Journal

It's. Newspaper.

Jasper Heaton ▴ She/Her ▴ Human-Turned-Demon ▴ An Ex-Thief

she's. trnas lesbin. lvoe herrrrrrrr babygirl makes bad choices but tries so hard n loves with her hwole heart. doesn't give herself enough credit. cool artifcer. wizard. sorta nercomancer. she's so skilleddd. OH she's also special interest demonoloogy!! iconic of her