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hiii thank u for visiting my humble lil webpage! she's currently still very much a WIP, built off of a whole lot of searching, a mildly confusing template, & old, barely remembered html from the last time I changed my tumblr theme. my goals for this page feel a little ambitious (create a comprehensive compendium of literally All my OCs, add the related works I've written, and also all the art I've got for these guys (and their friends) it's. it's a lot)

but!! I wanna give this a go!! I made an attempt on my tumblr months ago, and it didn't get very far. but this might? could take a while though!! so please, stay tuned :>

buttons!! I will put them here, I am just not sure about the ettiquette surrounding them however... please let me know if u know things about it!!

Site Updates:

  • status box done (couple hours ago actually) and a bunch of blurbs for ocs done!! 7pm 27/07/2023
  • various changes to formatting and a few more pages made (wonder how long I can go without actually putting text to paper here. procrastination is a powerful mistress!) (also getting that status box thingy going) 3:10pm 27/07/2023
  • a few small blurbs for a few ocs now at the Compendium! 11pm~ 26/07/2023
  • a new Credits page! - 9pm~ 26/07/2023
  • my Ao3 works list is always available!
  • got a neat lil comment widget!! still working on its css but it otherwise works great!! feel free to leave one <3 ^-^

newest updates @ the top

To Do:

▻ finish listing all ocs in the compendium

fill in associated pages
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▻ implement some kind of image gallery - likely hosted elsewhere

▻ start the monumental task of porting all my written words

▻ create fiction page template (do this one first)

▻ make proper update page (before this one gets too long)

facts about ur host

hiii here's some lore about me, the Kit

  • I am so incredibly neurodivergent, autistic ass kind of guy. perhaps this is why I am making this site in the first place? we shall never know 4 sure
  • I am both a dragon, and a cat! (and also a tiger, but that's more my fursona?) which is why you'll see draconic & feline iconography as a depiction of Me :3c
  • I am a MASSIVE fan of TTRPGs!! PbtA (powered by the apocalypse) games are my favourite, big big fan of monster of the week + uncharted worlds!!
  • but that doesn't mean I don't also love apocalypse world!! I adore it just as much :>
  • I picked my name in a graveyard (though not from a gravestone ­čśö sad I know)
  • I have been writing for nearly 10 years now!! fucking wild how time passes - think I started in 2013? 2014? I was quite young, and very into both MLP & minecraft (still like em both. not in the same way tho)
  • I've been in the TTRPG 'scene' much less than that, about 4-5 years now I think? it's been a great time with my group ^-^
  • other things I'm interested in include a variety of games, such as oneshot, undertale & deltarune, splatoon, and nier:automata as a top few
  • speaking of splatoon, if you ever see an octoling with the name Drag╬ŽnDyke (probably) using inkbrush, that's me!!
  • I also like a fair number of shows & cartoons, too numerous to list in a bullet point. but a top few are doctor who, mob psycho 100, star trek deep space nine, and coraline (if that counts, being a movie and all. I really love stopmotion)
  • and for our final bullet point: I love my girlfriend very much!!! he's so fucking cool <33333

Latest of the Written Word!

also known as the Fiction Repository
  • I'll put
  • the top five
  • most recent words
  • in this lil list
  • and maybe also blog posts

this will (hopefully) be worked on next after the compendium has everything listed

^ this is one of my fave gifs

Choice Compendium Picks!

don't forget to check out the main index
  • don't have
  • anything for
  • this list
  • yet but I'm
  • working on it!!

got this off of a wonderful person at artfight couple years ago!! amelie my beloved ^^ detective werewolf goes brrr